Important Covid-19 Update. Our client’s safety is important to us, and travel will resume when the travel ban (including the 14-day quarantine) is lifted both in Japan and the United States. Next Spring, we will offer two “off the beaten track” tours to escape the large cities and to enjoy the rural parts of Japan. First, is Textiles of Kyushu, a unique opportunity to experience Japanese culture and textile in the southern island of Japan. Second is Edible Japan, which will be a modified version of the original Culinary Tour with an extra day in the Shinshu region with sake brewery tour, miso making and knife shop visits. Stay well and be safe.

2019 年 アーミッシュツアー まとめ



Day 1 of Amish Tour.
We had such a lovely afternoon spent in the Amish community, greeted by often shy but kind and warm-hearted Amish people. I was so excited when I got a unique opportunity to talk to a group of young girls shredding about 30 cabbages making sauerkraut.  In their neat and tidy bakery kitchen, shelves were painted to beautiful blue-sky color and stainless counters and equipment were spotless. Of course, their Cherry Turnover and Glazed Doughnut were delightful!
We are staying at B&B tonight.  Can’t wait for breakfast!!




Day 2
We started off this morning with delicious homemade breakfast of quiche, crispy bacon, fresh fruits, home-baked bread.  Before noon, we traveled 30 minutes north to join the local Amish Produce Auction before heading to Westby WI to visit more Amish communities.  Tonight we are staying at a thousand-star hotel in the middle of Amish community. No television or phone, just the sounds of bullfrogs and crickets.   



Day 3
We got breakfast delivered to our cottage this morning.
After breakfast, we visited Melinda, an Amish shopkeeper next door and we asked her about farming practices and how elderlies are cared for in the Amish community.  Next, we visited one and only (?) seed shop recommended by Melinda located near Organic Valley headquarters. Seventy-year-old man with a gentle smile and big working hands greeted us and shared his family story.  We have been extremely lucky on this trip to have an amazing opportunity to meet and have conversations with Amish people. On the way back, we picked up summer vegetables from Amish farm and grilled them outside then served them with curried red lentils, wild rice, and local cheese.  



Day 3
It is almost impossible not to buy anything when visiting Amish Community.  Bulk foods are always cheap and often organic!! For our family of four, I often stock up on honey, eggs and maple syrup as well.  
We saw many Amish vendors at Saturday Farmers Market near Westby, WI selling baskets and quilts along with vegetables from their garden.  This was truly an amazing week!