Important Covid-19 Update. Our client’s safety is important to us, and travel will resume when the travel ban (including the 14-day quarantine) is lifted both in Japan and the United States. Next Spring, we will offer two “off the beaten track” tours to escape the large cities and to enjoy the rural parts of Japan. First, is Textiles of Kyushu, a unique opportunity to experience Japanese culture and textile in the southern island of Japan. Second is Edible Japan, which will be a modified version of the original Culinary Tour with an extra day in the Shinshu region with sake brewery tour, miso making and knife shop visits. Stay well and be safe.


TanpopoStudio was established in late 2017 after closing Tanpopo Noodle Shop, which my husband and I owned for almost two decades and decided it was time to move on to new challenges and opportunities. Our vision for TanpopoStudio was to create a platform to showcase our years of culinary experiences, cooking classes, Japanese culture, arts and crafts, and international travel.

Today, we are pleased to announce we have done just that and are now looking to optimize our services to better assist our clients. To further this goal, we are first changing our company name and then separating our travel services from our culinary business such as cooking classes and private events.

Tanpopo Journeys

Tanpopo Journeys is the place you can find everything about our travel services:

  • Tailor-made trips to Japan
  • Small-Group Journeys
  • Japan Travel Tips and Destinations
  • Our Travel Partners

The Japanese Kitchen

Our food recipes and culinary-related services will now be moved to the food blog, The Japanese Kitchen.
The Japanese Kitchen is where you can find:

  • Recipes, Photos, and Videos
  • Private Cooking Lessons and Events
  • Public Cooking Classes
  • Stories Behind

Social Media

Our social media sites remain the same to provide everyone with the latest updates and events:

To see the latest on cooking classes, please go to our Facebook page. To peek at what we eat and do on a daily basis and tours in progress, check out our Instagram.
In the last three years, we have touched by many who joined tours, classes, pop-ups, and simply giving us cheers along the way. We would love to see you all in the next phase of our journey. Thank you.

Koshiki and Ben Smith